Big Head Productions is a comic book company, founded in 2015 by me, Ben Lee. The inspiration for creating Big Head Productions came from the simple passion of wanting to create comics, and art overall, since I was a kid.

When it comes to comics, any aspiring, even established professional will tell you, breaking into the industry is an incredibly difficult thing. But going to conventions big & small, attending panels about industry business & how to break-in, there was one common takeaway…

you don’t need anyone’s permission to make comics.

 And with that, Big Head Productions was formed. The initial goal has been create a channel for myself to get my work into the marketplace, and make a living from it. But my long-term goal for Big Head is for it to grow, to where I can offer other aspiring creators a channel to get their work into the marketplace, and hopefully make money from doing it.

I hope you’ll find Big Head Productions a great place for engaging stories and art.

Thanks for stopping by!

Ben Lee

Creator, Storyteller, Founder, and President of Big Head Productions


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